COVID-19 Test Kit Distribution Program

COVID-19 Testing Partner Request Form

Becoming a Designated COVID-19 Testing Partner Policies and Request Form

COVID-19 Test Kit Distribution Program

To ensure equitable COVID-19 testing opportunities for the residents of Baltimore City, the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) will support testing efforts through a variety of clinical and community partners.

Baltimore City Health Department’s COVID-19 TEST KIT DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM is available to clinical entities who perform community-based testing in Baltimore City.

This testing initiative is in line with BCHD’s core value of Integrity- the provision of services through an equitable lens. It is intended to expand COVID-19 testing opportunities, thereby contributing to an efficient coordinated system of testing which ensures that every Baltimorean who wants and requires a test has equitable access to one, and receives a result and referral to health services (where necessary).

COVID-19 Test Kit Requests

If you are a clinical provider licensed in Maryland State and are in need of COVID-19 test kits to test individuals in Baltimore City, you may be eligible to receive COVID-19 test kits from Baltimore City Health Department.

The request process, along with the policies of the program can be found in the guidance “Becoming a Designated COVID-19 Testing Partner.” The request form can be found in Appendix A of the document. A word version of the request form is also found here. Completed request forms should be mailed to  [email protected]

The Test Kit Distribution Program has two pathways:

Pathway #1: BCHD provides test kits and samples are processed at the health department’s Baltimore Disease Control (BDC) laboratory.

Pathway #2: BCHD provides test kits through a third-party vendor. Samples are processed at the third-party vendor.

BCHD does not provide staffing or deliver test results to patients for either of these pathways.

For both pathways, supplies may be limited and may be dependent on national and international supply chains, federal and state testing guidance and coordination, and other factors beyond our control.   Depending on demand, BCHD may not be able to fulfill 100% of requests.

BCHD will process requests as quickly as possible. However, it is possible that requests may take time to review if the demand for test kits is high.

Testing Priorities

BCHD will prioritize testing partners with a focus on the following:

  • Geographic areas of Baltimore City with:
    • High disease burden, defined by high disease incidence
    • Lower prevalence of testing per population
    • Evidence of clusters, outbreaks, or high levels of community transmission
    • Disproportionately fewer places to receive COVID-19 testing
    • High mortality rates due to COVID-19
    • A high density of individuals at higher risk of complications due to COVID-19, either due to demographics or other underlying health issues
    • Ongoing evidence of health disparities
    • Higher potential for outbreaks (i.e. some congregate settings)
  • Demographic groups within Baltimore City with:
    • Disproportionally higher rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and/or death
    • Evidence of high levels of transmission
    • Lower availability of or access to testing (this includes uninsured/underinsured)
    • Traditionally underserved/at-risk populations
  • Partners supporting BCHD in the investigation of outbreaks, testing in congregate settings, and other high priority testing settings


Clinical providers can request test kits alone or in conjunction with a community partner, such as a community-based organization, religious congregation, or other community groups.

  • These test kits may be used for providers in doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or testing events.
  • Testing must occur in Baltimore City.

More information on eligible partners is provided in Becoming a Designated COVID-19 Testing Partner guidance.