How to Help - COVID-19

We greatly appreciate the outpouring of support for Baltimore’s preparation and response to COVID-19. These are a few ways for individuals and organizations to help out. We will be updating this page in the days and weeks ahead.

Religious organizations and non-profits, before hosting a food distribution site at your location, please read the Baltimore City Health Departments Guidance for Restaurants, Non-Profits, and Food Pantries. 

Practice healthy habits

First and foremost, we ask everyone to practice healthy and safe habits at this time in their daily lives and to encourage this from friends and colleagues as well. You can help “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 virus’ spread. Flattening the curve will help to reduce overwhelming the hospital system and prevent deaths. Specifically, this means:

  1. Practice social distancing: You may not personally be at high risk, but you can stop the spread of COVID-19 to someone who is more vulnerable by keeping at least six feet away from other people.

  2. Stay home if you’re sick: It is not worth the risk to you or others to go out in public if you are unwell.

  3. If you’re sick, call your doctorCall your doctor before going anywhere. If your symptoms are mild, stay home. Only go to the emergency room if your symptoms are extreme.


For those willing and able to provide financial contributions, here are a few funds you can consider making a donation to:

For restaurants that have surplus food to donate, please utilize these websites:


The City of Baltimore is establishing procedures for how volunteers can safely help their community. Those who are at higher risk (older adults and those with chronic health conditions) should not volunteer. We encourage those interested in volunteering to register at one of the following links

Local Organizations

 If you are a local organization assisting the Baltimore community during this time and are seeking in-kind services or volunteers, consider making a request through United Way to be matched to those who can fulfill your needs.

Thank you again for your generosity and interest in helping the Baltimore Community during this time.

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