• Know that we are all in this together, even at a distance. Stay home to save a life.
  • Anyone can get and anyone can give coronavirus
  • People between the ages of 10-39 are getting coronavirus at high rates
  • Coronavirus is real and its taking lives in Baltimore
  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Cough, fever greater than 100.4 degrees, shortness of breath.
  • How can I protect myself and my family? Stay home when you’re sick. Avoid close contact like hugs, kisses, handshakes, groups over 10, sharing a plate, etc. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Stay inside. Check in. Wash your hands. Stay home to save a life.
  • Coronavirus is Lonely. Victims who are hospitalized arent allowed to see their families in quarantine

The new Phase 1 restrictions go into effect on Friday, January 22nd at 6:00am
For more information, visit our Executive Order Frequently Asked Questions page.

New Baltimore City Executive Order Phase 1 Restrictions January 22, 2021. Image is a white background, with black text. On the bottom, yellow text says "more information can be found at

Image is of text. Text reads COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Phase 1A, B, C, 2, 3. Below text reads "We are in Phase 1A"

January 22nd Executive Order Summary


  • Indoor Gatherings at Public and Private facilities will be limited to no more than 10 persons
  • Outdoor gatherings at public and private facilities will be limited to no more than 25 persons.
  • Sports gatherings at facilities managed by Rec and Parks are prohibited

Religious Facilities

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Indoor Recreational Establishments

  • All indoor recreation sites except adult entertainment and hooah/cigar lounges will be allowed to reopen at 25% capacity

Outdoor Recreational Establishments

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Fitness Centers

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Fitness classes are allowed- 10 person limit- social distancing and masks required


  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Dining areas allowed to reopen, following the requirements of foodservice establishments

Foodservice Establishments

  • Outdoor dining can resume at 50% capacity. If space is tented, the tent needs to be open on all sides.
  • Indoor dining can resume at 25% capacity, but patrons are only allowed to stay for one hour.
  • Bars without food licenses will also be allowed to reopen- 50% outdoors, 25% indoors, 1-hour time limit (includes breweries)
  • Carry-out, delivery and drive-through service may continue.
  • All food service establishments must keep a log of contact information for patrons and staff for contact tracing purposes.

Personal Services

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy
  • Staff must wear face-covering at all times while indoors
  • Services must be provided on an appointment-only basis, and a log must be kept of names of customers, staff providing services, and other residents who enter the shop


  • May continue to operate with curbside pickup service

Museums Zoos, Aquariums

  • Limited to 25% of maximum occupancy

Theaters and Outdoor Entertainment Venues

  • Live streaming of performance is allowed.