Boosters are now recommended for individuals 12 years old and older
Any individual 18 years and older vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine should receive a booster dose 2 months after the single J&J dose. Individuals vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson should receive an mRNA (Moderna or Pfizer) booster. If an individual 18 years and old is unable to receive an mRNA vaccine due to allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, or other contraindication a Johnson & Johnson booster dose may be given. To find out more information about COVID-19 booster doses please click here.

Two new COVID-19 testing sites
The Baltimore City Health Department has added two new testing sites: Nomi Health in downtown Baltimore and Accu Reference Medical Lab in northwest Baltimore on the grounds of the former Public Safety Training Facility.  To find out more information about the two new COVID-19 testing sites please click here.

Accessing your COVID-19 test results
Answers to frequent questions about finding your test results. And did you know there's a portal for that?  To find out how to access the portal to get your COVID-19 test results please click here.