Priority Groups 1A ,1B and 1C

ID: COvID-19 Vaccination Distribution, Phase 1C. Currently Baltimore City is in Phase 1C, Graphic lists all those in Phase 1A, 1B, 1C eligible for vaccine.

Older adults aged 65+ with internet access should fill out our vaccine interest form by clicking here! Our MAP Ambassadors will call you back once an appointment becomes available! Beginning Jan 25th, Baltimore City older adults in Priority Groups 1A 1B and 1C without access to the internet can call the Maryland Access Point at 410-396-CARE (2273) for assistance in registering for the COVID-19 vaccine, as they become available.

Below you will find information about the Baltimore City Health Department's COVID-19 vaccinations for members of Priority Group 1A 1B, and 1C 

Other Priority 1A Groups and how to access COVID-19 vaccine

  • Hospital-based healthcare workers should reach out to their employers for information on where and how to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Long Term Care Facility residents are being vaccinated through partnerships with CVS and Walgreens.  
  • Baltimore City First Responders, including EMS, Fire, and Police, should reach out to their supervisors for specific instructions on how to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected]

-The  COVID-19 Vaccination Team. 

The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) began administering  Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine for Priority 1A group members on January 11th. Governor Hogan announced that Maryland is in Phase 1B beginning January 18th. The vaccine will be administered in accordance with all applicable federal and state guidelines. This is a two-dose series, separated by 28 days. More information about the vaccine can be found here.

BCHDs original COVID-19 Vaccination site for healthcare workers and first responders is located at Building 37, 2601 Port Covington Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230, through January 22nd. 

Beginning January 25th, we will transition our vaccination site to the Baltimore City Community College, located at 2901 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215. All those with second dose appointments at Port Covington will be emailed by our teams in the next few days regarding the location change of your appointments to our new site at BCCC. Appointment times will not change.

At the facility entrance, you will be asked to show an ID confirming your appointment and that you belong to Priority Group 1A 1B or 1C.  Please confirm your status as a member of Priority Group 1A or 1B before making an appointment.

As of January 25th, all registration links are booked with the Baltimore City Health Department. Please visit "" and click on "Find a Vaccine" to find local hospitals and health care providers who are administering vaccinations. 

Priority Group 1A

In accordance with MDH guidelines, Priority Group 1A members are licensed, registered, and certified health care providers who live and/or work in Baltimore City  AND Individuals who work in a health care setting and live and/or work in Baltimore City.

Image is text on yellow background. Text reads Prioirty Group 1A professions, Dentistry (including Dentists, Dental hygienists, dental technicians) Pharmacy (including Pharmacists, Pharmacy technicians) Phlebotomists Community Health Workers Home and Comm

Image is text on yellow background. Text reads Prioirty Group 1A professions, Audiologists, Speech Pathologists Podiatry Behavioral Health (including Counselors, Harm Reduction Workers, Therapists, Psychologists, and Social Workers) Nutritionists Morticia

Priority Group 1A also includes the following populations with frequent exposure to individuals with known COVID-19 and/or providing services essential to the maintenance of public health and healthcare systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes populations unable to work from home and unable to control social distancing.

  • Public Health vaccinators and those administering COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1A.
  • Emergency Medical Services/Fire Department
  • COVID-19 testing staff: People providing testing at large community testing centers
  • Lord Baltimore TRI Center staff
  • Convention Center Field Hospital staff
  • Baltimore City Health Department Clinical Services and Syringe program staff
  • Urgent Care Staff
  • Dialysis Center Staff
  • Clinic-based primary care staff (internists, family practice, pediatricians, geriatricians)/Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Home health staff
  • Correctional facilities/Detention Center health care staff
  • Public Health/Baltimore City Health Department Staff
  • Law Enforcement: Police Department
  • Law Enforcement: Correctional facility officers, Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Works Police

Governor Hogan announced on January 5th that all licensed, registered, and certified health care providers qualify for COVID-19 vaccinations in Phase 1A. To see the full list of applicable positions, visit the website for the Maryland Code for Health Occupations. 

Priority Group 1B

Beginning  January 18th, Priority Group 1B members that live or work in Baltimore City can register for the COVID-19 vaccine.  Members of Priority Group 1B include

  • Adults aged 75 years and older.
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Shelter staff and residents
  • High-risk, incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals in group home settings
  • Education sector (K-12 Teachers and support staff in schools)
  • Child care workers
  • Continuity of government


Priority Group 1C:​​​ (Updated 1/25/21 by MDH)

  • All Marylanders over 65.
  • All other public safety (not in Phase 1A)
  • All other healthcare (not in Phase 1A),
    • Including, but not limited to Lab Services, Public Health, Vaccine Manufacturing, other healthcare professions).
  • Food and Agriculture Production
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Public Mass Transit
  • Grocery Stores
  • Veterinarians and Support Staff 2
  • Clergy and other essential support for houses of worship

COVID-19 Vaccination Process

The links below are meant only for the Priority 1A,1B, and 1C Group Members

Please use the links provided to register for the vaccine clinic as appointments, Walk-ins’ will not be permitted to the vaccination site. Only the individual being vaccinated should report at the appointment time.  Other individuals will be turned away. 

The vaccine is being offered to you for free.  During the registration process, you will be asked to enter an insurance type (private insurance, Medicaid/medical assistance, Medicare, or no insurance), but no other insurance information is required, nor is proof of insurance necessary.

You will be asked to show documentation upon entrance to the clinic to confirm you are a member of Priority Group 1A or 1B. We understand that some professionals are not issued a work id- in those instances, please bring proof of licensure or some other proof of employment. If you do not present documentation indicating that you belong to one of these professions or facilities, you will be turned away. Please make sure that every individual who has signed up for the clinic has that identification on them

Parking is available on site, once you enter the site.

We strongly recommend that you stay in the clinic’s designated waiting area for at least 15 minutes (and up to 30 minutes if you have a history of a severe allergic reaction to anything, regardless of cause) after receiving the vaccine.

After receiving the vaccine, you will be encouraged to sign up for your follow-up appointment (approximately 28 days later). You can do so on-site at the clinic after your vaccination. You will also be encouraged to sign-up for V-Safe to monitor any side effects.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • Only sign-up for one appointment. Signing up for more than one appointment is taking away appointment slots from other individuals that need to be prioritized.
  • COVID-19 vaccine appointments with the Baltimore City Health Department are currently only being provided at the Baltimore City Community College location, beginning January 25th.
  • These links are only meant for Priority Group1A and Group 1B members.  If individuals sign up who are not part of the priority group, they are taking away appointment slots from those individuals that need to be prioritized.


Registration Links

Due to all current appointment slots being filled, we have temporarily pulled registration links from this website. We will be sure to update this site once more vaccination appointments are available.

The Maryland Department of Health's COVID-19 website has begun listing Baltimore City healthcare providers administering vaccinations to Priority Groups 1A, 1B, and 1C members. Qualifying residents can sign up to request vaccination appointments directly with area healthcare providers when they become available! Visit, click “Find a Vaccine” and use the online search tool to find nearby health providers vaccinating residents.

Questions? Please email [email protected] and we will respond back as soon as we can!